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Roof Cleaning, House Washing, Gutter Cleaning, and Driveway Cleaning in Poquoson, VA

Mr. Yaeckel contacted me in early March to get an estimate for a small section of his roof that was growing algae and moss and to get his aluminum siding home soft washed. We also discussed the cleaning out of the gutters and cleaning the driveway and sidewalk. In September he contacted me and wanted to be placed on the schedule for early November.

The first project we completed was the gutter cleaning. There was very little debris in the gutters, but what was in them was blown out with a leaf blower.

The second project that was completed was the treatment of the small section of roof above the front porch and the pretreatment of the driveway. The moss and algae on the roof turned white showing us that it is dead and will fall off as it releases from the asphalt.

The third project was the aluminum house wash. We applied our industry approved house wash cleaner to the aluminum siding. We allowed it to dwell for several minutes then conducted a thorough rinse.

The fourth and finial project was the surface cleaning of the driveway. As a bonus I cleaned the side patio where his grill and fire pit were sitting.

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Products Used: Sodium hypochlorite, Southern Drawl, Kling-on

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