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House Washing and Rust Removal in Newport News, VA

House Washing and Rust Removal in Newport News, VA

Mrs. Mayo found my company through a Google search. She is preparing her rental home for sale and wanted to get the house pressure washed. We provided her with a free estimate, noting rust stains on the right side and the front under the windows. She advised the rust was from a previous irrigation system she had which caused the rust stains. We also mentioned the Gloeocapsa Magma bacteria that is starting to grow on the roof causing several roof stains. Mrs. Mayo decided to just get the house wash and the rust stain treated.

The house came out amazing and the rust washed right off the vinyl siding after the first application. The rust was more stubborn on the brick surfaces but after several applications and several minutes of dwell time the color of the brick came back to life.

Service provided: House Washing

Budget: $400

Location: Newport News, VA

Project Image Gallery

Products Used: Sodium Hypochlorite, Southern Drawl, F9 Barc

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