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Ensley's Driveway, Sidewalk, and Front Steps Cleaning in Newport News, VA

Ensley driveway sidealk front steps cleaning newport news va

Mr. Ensley requested to have his front steps, driveway and sidewalk cleaned. His concern was that the driveway had several cracks and did not want them damaged any more that what they were. I explained to him that I would avoid those areas as much as possible and reassured him the end result would look much nicer.

I explained to him I would apply our industry approved cleaning solution to the surface and allow it to dwell for several minutes. I would then use my surface cleaner to removed all debris from the surface. I would then complete a thorough rinse of all the surfaces removing the debris into the street. Once this was completed, we conducted a post treatment of the surfaces. We explained to Mr. Ensley to allow the surface to dry before he drove his vehicle onto the surface.

During the process Mr. Ensley was amazed at how the driveway was coming clean. He stated that he could even see the mortar lines between the bricks on the front porch.

Budget: $300

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