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Deck cleaning and sealing in Newport News, VA

Deck cleaning and sealing in Newport News, VA

Mr. Evans contacted me to have his rental homes deck cleaned and sealed. He expressed a need to have the deck down within a short period of time. We agreed on the price and he was placed scheduled. Upon arriving on the scheduled date, we ran into a slight problem. The water was not on at the property. Come to find out Waterworks switched the water off upon the renter leaving the property. The following day the water was back on and two days later we arrived to clean and seal the deck. We did have to work around the lawn maintenance crew but they were quick. We first wet the wood. We then cleaned the deck with our industry approved wood cleaner which removed all the organic material. Once the deck was cleaned, rinsed and dry to the touch, we applied a clear sealer call Southern Traditions. Mr. Evans was sent a before and after photograph of the deck and was very pleased.

Service provided: Deck Cleaning

Location: Newport News, VA

Project Image Gallery

Products Used: Sodium per carbonate, Oxalic Acid, and Southern Traditions sealer

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