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Roof Cleaning in Smithfield, VA

Roof cleaning smithfield

Mrs. Posey contacted me in a panic. Her association was going to charge her several dollars each day until her roof was cleaned. She requested I clean several sections of her roof. I explained to her she had moss on parts of the roof. I explained moss gross into the shingle and attaches itself. I told her that the moss would be dead when I left but would still be on the shingles. I told her not to worry because Mother Nature would rinse the moss right off the roof as soon as it releases its grasp on the granules.

We agreed on the price and I told her I could complete the job on the same day.

I applied my roof cleaning solution with my soft wash pump. Because the weather was a little cooler my dwell time had to increase, but the results were very satisfying. Mrs. Posey was so satisfied that she took my business cards and was going to put a referral into the community paper.

  • Location: Smithsfield, VA
  • Estimated Budget: $600
  • Services: Roof Cleaning


Products Used: Sodium Hypochlorite and Southern Drawl

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