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Deck Cleaning and Restoration in Poquoson, VA

Deck Cleaning and Restoration (2)

Tina contacted me to pressure wash her wood deck and to also stain and seal the deck. The deck was in pretty rough shape. We explained the deck would not look brand new but would be ten times better than what it was currently. We applied or cleaning solution to the deck, allowing it to dwell. We then completed a thorough rinse to remove the dead mold, mildew and algae from the surface. That same day once the surface was dry to the touch, we used Southern Traditions stain and sealer in a cedar tone to stain and seal the deck. I rolled on the first coat of stain/sealer. I then applied the second coat with a sprayer giving the surface a clean smooth look. When Tina came home she was excited to see the results. She stated she really liked the color and couldn’t wait to set up the furniture so they could have friends over for a cookout.

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Products Used: Southern Traditions

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